Family Movie Night


Hi All! Here at My Little Way blog we want to share our reviews of family movies with you! I know I always like to read up on a movie before I go to see it…especially if I’m bring children with me. Our first review is going to be on the movie “SING!”

Over all this movie was absolutely adorable! Along with the incredible All-Star cast…the music is great too!! There is no crude language either!! Yay!!

The only thing I want to mention that parents may want to be weary about is that in the movie there isĀ  porcupine boyfriend and girlfriend living together..and the girl goes home to catch the boy singing in the living room with another girl. Of course, she gets so angry and throws them both out..along with the boy porcupine saying something along the lines of “well you’re hardly around anymore.”

To many people..this isn’t a big deal…but in my opinion that was too emotionally mature for a family movie.

But other than that…I give the movie a 5 star rating! Its humorous and you really start to care about the characters…I couldn’t choose who I wanted to win the singing competition! I loved them all!


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