Back roads and Highways

Do you ever wonder why you’re here? What’s your purpose for this life? Lately, these questions have been weighing heavily on my heart. When we are at a stand still in life, we try to figure out which direction God wants us to go. If we weren’t put on this earth to live, pay bills and, die..why are we here?

All our lives we are told to follow God’s will…but sometimes we are stuck staring at the sky waiting for that flashing neon light to show up and tell us exactly what to do. Wouldn’t that make life easier for everyone? We could know precisely what we need to do and what to expect every step of the way. We keep waiting for this big “Aha!” moment…but what if that doesn’t happen?

I’m beginning to believe we won’t find our purposes for life in one big moment…but in many small ones. We “find” it by being kind to those who are not so kind, by forgiving those who have trespassed¬† against us, by feeding and clothing the orphans and widows in our daily lives.By living out our vocations as wives, mothers, religious-life, single-life, etc etc. If we can not be Christ-like in the small things…how can we expect ourselves to react Christ-like on the “big highways” of life.

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