Family Movie Night

Moana Review!

I don’t know about you, but I like to check the internet for movie reviews a lot before i go see a movie to see if it’s any good. Well let me tell you Moana is one of those movies where any place you check the results will be fantastic. But are you really surprised? It’s a Disney film and we all know Disney is the creme-d-la-creme of wholesome feel-good movie making. I mean it recently got nominated for a couple Oscars which is pretty much the highest award a movie can be recognized for! Bottom line is Moana does not disappoint and I feel like we will be seeing many a little Moanas running around come this October. The story follows Moana who is the daughter of the island chief and is next in line to rule. Her animal sidekicks are a pig named Pua and a rather ditzy chicken named HeiHei (he’s my fav). The story’s conflict is centered on the missing heart of Te Fiti which was stolen by a demi god name Maui. With her grandmothers prompting and despite her father’s wishes, Moana sets out to track down Maui and to return Te Fiti’s heart and to save her island from destruction.

The musical numbers in this movie are absolutely amazing. The song How Far I’ll go was nominated for an academy award. It gave me CHILLS and remains my favorite song from the whole movie. It also includes a comical number called Your Welcome sung by Maui which is sure to get stuck in your little ones head. Overall the music in the movie keeps in line with what you’d expect from Disney and leaves walking our the theater with a myriad of songs that won’t leave your head for days.

So in summary Moana is jam packed with lots of adventure, great role models for young ones, beautiful songs, and will also leave you with a yearning to visit the beach! Moana is a fantastic movie that i thoroughly enjoyed and I highly recommend seeing! I will probably be one of the first in line when the DVD hits shelves. 😉 Happy movie going!!

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